dead letters

Feel the heat below my feat
I have to go, no time to sleep
I can't believe the things you say
I turn my head and walk away
You make me sick, you make me nervous
Times are gone when you would say
This is the one and seizs the day
Times are gone for honesty
My victory is your defeat
Can't you see you've been mistaken

In my life I decide and it turns me on
How I am, how I live, who I love
In my way I've been strong
And it turns me on
In my life, I decide, I decide, I decide, I decide

All you do, you can't deny it, it's waste of time, waste of time
Can I suggest that you invest in something more than hopelessness
Before you know, the ride is over

It's up to you if you give it up
It's up to you if you won't stop

The record choose that you're dead but you're still living
Every time you have died you have been given
Another chance to fix your bad attitude
And make a move, it's up to you 

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